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Last year we did a veteran's memorial in Legion Park here in Quarryville. Yes, the military veterans have given and sacrificed their lives to protect our country, but there are others too, who have sacrificed either as individuals or as a part of different organizations giving their best efforts to preserve and enrich the heritage of Lancaster County.

Folks from the Lancaster County Conservancy, the Lancaster County Farmland Trust, and local historical groups - to name a few - wouldn't it be nice to honor them too?

This is also a twofer, an example of what can be done when you do your own work in your own shop – making ¬a distinctive stone, but at a reasonable price. This is a used piece of Georgia that has its share of nicks and dings; however by putting a nifty carving on a so-so stone, you still end up with something outstanding.

You can say something that you remember the person for. Sinking and tooling the area at the top of the stone puts the design in a whole new dimension. Stone is generic - skill is not.
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