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Make Headstones Special With Design Work

Let Us Design Tombstones and Headstones for You

We approach the stone as a blank canvas on which we can say something about the person in question, something that you remember him or her for. Our customer's father was into old cars. From the pictures she brought in (pictured above), the auto parts place next door was able to identify the vehicle as a '39 Chevy Sedan.

They got pictures off the internet of this particular make and model, and we used these pictures to make a drawing for when we worked on the stone. We added a special type for the inscription. Now you have taken a mundane 2" slant and made it special - for a special person. For more information on our design services, call us today at 717-786-3546.
To get tombstones and headstones designed, visit I. Diller Miller Sons today at 13 1/2 S Lime Street.
We also provide headstones for war memorials.
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