Make Arrangements for Your Tombstone in Advance Without Any Hassle

Turn to Us for Pre-need Arrangements

This is what we call making arrangements for your tombstone to be installed before it is needed. Let us enlarge on that: We are often asked, "Can you put a stone up before it is needed?" The answer is yes - as soon as you have a cemetery plot, you can have a stone installed. This makes good sense, as you now get to have some input in what it will be and what goes on it. It won't be a Taj Mahal that you don't want, nor just a cinder block with a sticky note on it.
Another plus is not leaving all this for either your spouse or your kids to deal with. And two more obvious points, in doing something now: no one is getting any younger, nor is a monument getting any cheaper.
While you are pondering that, let's relate what has happened more often than not - a little old lady comes into the showroom door and announces, "Harold and I have been talking about this for years." And? "Well, we buried him yesterday."
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The professionals at I. Diller Miller Sons can design, carve and letter your tombstone in the shop!
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